Delivery Cost Information

How to purchase online from this shop?

To prepare order for item from this online store, first You need to register. Then when Your profile is done, on-line purchase from this store can be send via internal interface.

4Gamers.BG at the moment receive only order from web site, and can send them only territory of  Bulgarian country!

Questions about orders and delivery for other Europe Union countries, can be sent via contact forms in footer on front of website, please use them.

Delivery cost of orders?

From 21.10.2019 Skorpion Technologies LTD change delivery company to Econt Couriers!

All orders send via web site over 25 levs will be send with free next working day shipping only to office of Econt courier company.

Orders with price under 25 levs will extra cost 5 levs for all order with no difference if they are for Sofia capital city or other cities in the country.

This extra cost will be automatically calculated in end price. If you have special wishes about delivery, like shipping to address or receive on time period that not approved from our rules, pricing will be provided due to rules of Econt courier company. 

Every order received from web site on territory of Bulgarian country will be approved with call on the phone number written in registration of customer.

 *IMPORTANT: Some products is impossible to be delivered for free, regardless of end price of products. If there is extra cost in order our customer support will approve and prepare order after customer confirmation on call.

Also if order need to be relocate form office received package to another one of Econt courier company price will be with extra cost due to courier rules of payments for delivery.

When my order will be processed?

Orders received after 18:00 on same working day, will be processed for next working day.

Orders on Holidays, Saturday and Sunday will be processed in firs working day after them.

After i place order, do i have to confirm it?

ДА, всички заявени поръчки се потвърждават чрез обаждане от Наша страна на посочен в клиентския Ви профил телефон между 10:00 и 18:00 часа. Ако в този времеви диапазон служител на фирмата не се свърже с Вас, поръчката Ви няма да бъде изпълнена. Aко в рамките на 48 часа след поръчка не сте получили обратна връзка от наш оператор, задължително се свържете с Нас на посочения номер за връзка на заглавната страница в сайта.

YES, all orders are will received confirmation by phone call on the phone number written in front of web site between 10:00 and 18:00 in working days. If an employee of the company does not contact you within this time range, your order will not be fulfilled. If within 48 hours after ordering you have not received feedback from our customer support, please contact us at the specified contact us via contact forms of web site or phone call.

When orders will be delivered?

Deliveries are made only from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 to 17:30 and on Saturdays until 13:00. During public holidays, accepted orders are processed on the first working day and sent for the next working day.


How will I receive my order?

4Gamers.BG works in partnership with the courier company "Speedy" AD and "Econt Express" Ltd., it is desirable to indicate in additional information to the order a convenient for you office of the specified courier companies to receive the order!

NOTE: Courier company "Speedy" AD and "Econt Express" Ltd. is a registered operator according to the Postal Services Act.

How can I pay?

4Gamers.BG sends all goods by Cash on Delivery - the shipment is paid in cash or by card directly to the courier upon delivery of the shipment.

NOTE: The shipment is accompanied by the necessary documents. Please use our return section for complaints or returns


Are the announced prices including VAT?

YES, all announced prices on our site include 20% VAT.

Invoicing of purchased goods

You can request an invoice for the goods purchased by you when ordering, for which you need to provide valid data for a Legal Entity or an Individual. You must mark and fill in the required data in your account on our site or add them in a note to the current order.

IMPORTANT: For Legal Entities the warranty conditions may be different from those for Individuals, we will notify you when confirming the order.